Linux:1 Me:1/2

Pop Culture Casualty bought a sexy new computer the other day, and as a result, I have pseudo-inherited her Dell Laptop. What this means is that I have pseudo-free reign to tweak it and use it and delete stuff. Pseudo-free reign. Remember that as it will be important later.

She transferred her personal documents over to the new computer and last night, while consulting her (e.g. You don’t need Roxio right?), I uninstalled and deleted a satisfying amount of stuff. Having the day off today, I felt it was time to finally make one of my dreams come true. I would install a Linux based operating system on the laptop.

I had tried this a few weeks back on another laptop which I had fully inherited from my step-father over the holidays. I went to, downloaded the CD image file, created the installation CD and got to work. Except it didn’t work. It got all the way to what I assumed was the desktop before having weird graphics issues. I tried the same thing with xubuntu (a more pared-down version designed to run on older systems). Same problem. Gave up.

Today would be different I said. Very different. And it was. Very different. I got xubuntu up and running, and as I type now, I am doing it on the laptop which is now running a Linux OS. A Linux OS that asked me if I wanted to partition the entire disk prior to installing. A Linux OS that tricked me. A Linux OS that would have no gods before it and killed Microsoft XP and, presumably, all the files and software that PCC and I agreed shouldn’t be deleted just yet (just in case).

Godfuckingdammit. All I wanted was to be a full-fledged computer geek…without taking the time to actually learn enough to know what the hell I’m doing. Don’t worry baby. I hear the real geeks can retrieve the stuff that idjits like me delete.


~ by AppliedPeople on March 4, 2008.

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